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Making your pool and spas friendlier to the environment

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Older traditional chemicals and technology can be harmful to the planet. Clarity Poolcare can provide an eco-friendly solution.


Chlorine-free and ultra low chlorine pools

Lots of people would like to live more eco-friendly lives, which would undoubtedly mean using less chlorine in their pool and spa. Chlorine is naturally found on earth, but it is not found naturally in its pure state.
Small amounts of chlorine is essential to life, but it can become dangerous at high levels.
Using less chlorine in your pool definitely would make it more eco-friendly.
Other problems are the smell, stinging eyes, and skin irritation associated with a chlorinated pool, although most of these symptoms come when chlorine breaks down.
Some people believe that even at the low levels of concentration found in a pool, chlorine isn’t great for young children, and some people would like to reduce their pool chemical bill.
In any event, the demand for chlorine-free or low-chlorine pools is increasing, and there are ways to achieve this.

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Variable speed pumps

The variable speed pump allows you to set the speed of the pump to its's optimum level. With multiple speed settings to allow a gentle tick over throughout the night to a high speed intensive backwash to really clean that filter. The variable speed pump will save money on your energy bills.



  • Savings on pool pump energy consumption of up to 90%

  • Manual and Auto Mode

  • Reduce Wear And Tear on your Pool Pump

  • Reduce Noise Levels

  • Improve Filtration

UV Systems

When UV light meets microorganisms, it penetrates its DNA, destroying the adenine and thymine bonds and effectively inactivating bacteria, spores, viruses and moulds.


This stops them from multiplying and causing infection.

Choose UV and reduce your chlorine usage for a more eco-friendly solution.

Filter media

Swimming pool filters are essential to ensure that dirt, debris and contaminants are filtered effectively out of the pool water. 
Filter media is now moving on from sand and turning to glass and other media, leading to - 

1. More than double the performance
2. Lowers backwash water demand by 50%
3. Lasts the lifetime of the filtration system
4. Made of recycled materials
5. Provides a return on initial purchase 


Automated chemical dosing will make your pool easier to control the chemical levels and reduce the need to handle the chemicals as often.

Suitable for new builds or established pools and spas.

Eradicates fluctuation and keeps your water balance at the optimum levels.

Savings made on the overall chemical usage.




Make a splash and help save the environment 

Clarity Poolcare offer a selection of eco-friendly maintenance and service programmes to meet the needs of every pool or spa. We recommend a fortnightly visit for regular maintenance, but this can vary depending on the nature of the facility, how it is used, and how hands-on the client is.