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We provide servicing, maintenance, installation and eco-friendly solutions for your pool and spa care.


Swimming pool servicing, repair and maintenance

Clarity Poolcare offers professional pool and spa services in Telford and the surrounding areas. Whether it's a new swimming pool or an established pool you have enjoyed for years, regularly treating and maintaining your pool and spa ensures longevity and usability. 


Pool servicing and maintenance from Clarity Poolcare starts with a home visit to assess your needs and provide you with a quote and a recommendation on how regular you will need care to keep your water clean, pristine and extend the life of your pool. 

Pool Cleaning Equipment

We offer seasonal open and closes, regular maintenance cleans and services, and plant room installations and maintenance as part of our maintenance packages. Your maintenance with us will always be personal to you and your pools needs.

Suppose you're looking for a new swimming pool or sauna or needs an existing one refurbished. In that case, Clarity Poolcare provides a range of installation services, including endless pools, above ground pools, chemical dosing controllers and safety cover. 

We offer various services to save on energy prices and be more eco friendly. From variable speed pumps which save on electricity to automated chemical dosing equipment which can help maintain your pool with eco-friendly chemicals. 

Pool Cleaning Equipment

ISPE Qualified engineers

Clarity Poolcare provides a  range of service options to suit your requirements and budget. We attend call-outs in Telford and the surrounding areas. All our staff are ISPE-trained pool engineers who are pro's in dealing with any issue, so you can rest assured that your pool is safe in knowledgeable hands.

Eco-friendly Solutions

We are doing our bit for the environment, and so can you. Your pool can be eco friendly much easier than you think. Consider, for example, using our UV cleaning systems compared to the traditional use of chlorine. This is just one of the steps we can take to make your pool and spa more eco friendly.

Over 10 years experience

We have over ten years of experience working for larger companies in the industry. We have seen and learnt the answer for most issues thrown at us and use our experience to build a personal, fair and reliable pool and spa service in the Telford area. Call us today for our free advice and recommendations for your pool.

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For pool and spa care, call Clarity Poolcare in Telford on 07772 654652